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Artists, Writers, and other Creative People

If you have busty-themed works of any type, EPIC would like to help you get noticed!

For those of you who do portraits or commissions, we have an area inside the club where we display your pictures with the option of having the portraits direct the patron to your website so they can see even more of your work.

For writers, photographers, and everyone else, we have a newsstand where where people can see and purchase your magazines, protfolios, or books. If you have content but have no way to publish it in Second Life, we also have the means for creating books, pamphlets, calendars, posters, etc. Whatever it is, we'll find a way to get it published and get you noticed.

For questions or more details, contact me, Tenyene Beaumont, directly and we'll see what we can do for you.


Tenyene Beaumont
Owner, EPIC


EPIC is a busty-themed club in Second Life catering to All Things Boob. If your fetish involves breasts, large breasts, or growing breasts, we're the place for you.…

If you're already in Second Life, come see what we've done to remodel the place. If you're not currently in Second Life, accounts are free and you're welcome to contact me directly once you get acclimated.
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Labor Day again already? Oh well, that just puts us closer to December and "TRON Legacy".
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Happy BOOBquake day. Here's some tunes to jump up and down to so you can cause earthquakes.
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I am going to figure out how this place works and put more stuff up here.
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I'm looking at all these thousands of screenshots and thinking it's time to get motivated and upload some of them.

Also, if you're in Second Life yourself, drop me a note if you're interested in being in any of my works. I'm not narcissitically using myself for any particular reason other than most shots have been spur-of-the-moment, and I've been the only one around.

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with over 13,000 screenshots to go through since mid-February, I'm sure I'll be able to put up at least a few more of myself. And once I get permission from my other subjects, probably quite a few of them as well.
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